Maintenance of the Planetary Gears in the Apex Planetary Gear Box:

Apex Planetary Gear Box Inside

The Planetary Gear Box is composed of 3 Planet Gears on posts, seated in the Ring Gear.   The Ring Gear is held stationary in the outer housing, mounted on the grinder.  The handle turns a central post which turns the Planetary Gears.  The Planetary Gears turn the Sun Gear which is mounted on the end of the Apex Axle.

Maintenance of this gear box is done by cleaning, and re-lubrication to be sure all parts are moving freely, and smoothly.

Remove the Handle.  Remove the Housing Screw.  Remove the Planetary Gear Box from the Outer Housing.

To Re-lube - Remove the Planetary Gears, and lubricate the posts on which the Planetary Gears are mounted.  To do this you need a 7mm Wrench (or an adjustable) and a 3mm Hex Key or Driver.

Simply put the Wrench on the central Post to hold the gears stationary.  Turn each Planetary Screw CCW using the 3mm Hex,  Remove the screw, push the Planetary Gear Post out.  Clean, Lubricate, and reassemble.  There is no particular position required on reassembly.  

Hints for Reassembly: The post goes through the gear with the narrow tooth area and recess so that the flat top of the post is even with the gear top.


The gear comes off the gear post.  Note that one side of the gear has a narrow teeth area with a recessed area for the post.  The other side has a wide tooth area with a small chamfer. 

Apex Planetary Gear Narrow Side with RecessApex Planetary Gear Wide Side
Apex Planetary Gear PartsApex Planetary Gear Box with Gears OutApex Planetary Gear Posts with Grease
The Grease should be applied to the Post, then reinsert the post into the Gear Box.   Use any type of good light, grease - Food Safe is not necessary as there is no food contact in this area.

Apex Planetary Gear in Box

Reinsert the Post with Gear into the Planetary Gear Box.  Insert screw, hold the Planetary Gear Box stationary with the 7mm wrench, and tighten each screw.  Reinsert the Planetary Gear Box into the Outer Housing,  Insert the Outer Housing Screw, and Reassemble the Handle.
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