orphan espresso

Orphan Espresso is a small e-commerce business, located in rural north Idaho, USA, and our warehouse (NOT open to the public) is located in St. Ignatius, Montana, USA.  

We started by manufacturing & supplying repair parts for vintage orphaned lever espresso machines - we still do.

Along the way we found that there were many 'wish we had a....' moments, and so began manufacturing Coffee Accessories as well - things that just make coffee making a little bit easier.  

We also began repairing & refurbishing vintage European Hand Coffee Grinders - old box mills that ranged from the late 1800's to the present day, and after several years, more than a thousand mills, and many, many requests, we designed the first Precision Hand Grinder for coffee - the Pharos.  

We now specialize in the design, and manufacture of manual coffee grinders, and unique products for the home coffee enthusiast.... Practical Solutions For Today's Coffee.

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