One of the most frequently asked questions concerning parts for a La Pavoni Europiccola or Pro machine is WHICH model do I have????    If you are lucky you will be able to find a tag inside the machine, under the bottom cover that states "MILLENIUM" and this is a dead giveaway, but you have to look in there to find it and many times it is either not there or faded/damaged.  

There are many different style or finish details that date the machine to Millenium vs Pre Millenium models but if you are in any doubt the absolute guaranteed 100% accurate way to tell is to look inside the group, under the dispersion screen and IF you see a white or tan plastic liner or sleeve THIS is Millenium.   There is often no other visual cue if you are comparing a mid to late nineties model to a Millenium model.  Simply remove the group and remove the dispersion screen and look in the group bell....anything other than brass will be evident and this other thing is the sleeve.    Your piston will be inside this sleeve and the sleeve screws out for cleaning or replacement and there is a seal in there as well.

The difference between the Millenium repair kit and the PRE is simply a larger (D profile) group portafilter gasket and the sleeve seal in the Millenium .the PRE does not have the sleeve seal of course and the group gasket is smaller.  All of the other parts are the same.  

So if you cannot find the word Millenium anywhere on your machine, you can search and try to date the machine by switch conformation and little tics but  you can save a lot of trouble by simply looking in the group.

Simply put...... Cylinder liner or sleeve made of plastic = Millenium
                         No sleeve or liner in group = PRE Millenium
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