There are various versions of the Faema Faemina espresso machine. The earlier version also has some small differences through the production years---this technical section will address major and minor differences between our older model (quite possibly the first era model of Faemina) and the newest Faemina model. In each picture the older Faemina is on the right and the newer on the left.

Side by Side Early Faemina Later Faemina Espresso Machines

There are obvious cosmetic changes in the construction of the machine. The handles are updated from the classic bumpy grips to the tapered plastic with white inserts. Knobs are changed as well. The older model is constructed of chrome plated brass throughout, including the drip tray and grate as well as the base. The newer model uses cast aluminum for the base and stamped aluminum for the drip grate. The newer drip tray is stainless steel. The boiler lids are the same diameter and design as well. Our old model machine has an additional valve on the lid to act as a fill valve.Faemina Espresso Machine Lever comparison

Faemina Base Comparison

Faemina Drip Tray Comparison

Faemina Boiler Comparison

Faemina Espresso Machine Kettle Lid Comparison

The portafilters of the two machines are a different design with the postition of the lugs changed on the newer model and a one piece body rather than the earlier removeable spouts. They are both the same size and use a 51mm filter basket.

Faemina Espresso Machine Portafilters

Faema Faemina Espresso Machine Portafilters

Most critical for the rebuilder is the design of the piston. The newer model uses a narrower seal than the older model. Both cylinders are the same diameter and the cylinders are interchangeable from machine to machine. The older model cylinder and piston are untreated brass as the newer model uses plated brass. This narrow piston seal is also used in some of the older models as well, depending on the year of manufacture.

Faema Espresso Machine Cylinder Piston

Some of the older machines have blue badges, some of them have red badges, our older model machine has no badge at all, and no evidence that there ever was one. Both of these machines use rectangular Ticino rocker switches. Some of the older machines have toggle switches.

Back of the Faemina Espresso Machines

Faema Faemina Espresso Machine Blue Badge

As far as we can tell all of the parts of the two style machines are interchangeable.

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