Thank you to Lucio for sending us this manual and for your translation (translation is below the images)!

Fitting the lid: superimpose the lid to the tank, and to fix it, press in the direction of the vertical arrow.

To open the lid, turn left in the direction of the arrow. Inserting the portafilter: keep the cup horizontal and the handle in the direction of the middle of the machine, enter from bottom to top and tighten. Raise the handle at the end of the stroke: it fits in the right position automatically. Lower and tighten with one hand for the two arms to check them.

To make coffee: With the handle down pour water into the boiler (if there is an urgent need, use hot water), lock the cover, insert the plug, gently turn the switch that causes the light of the lamp, it will shut off automatically when the water boils (see thermostat setting T). The machine is ready to make the coffee

Remove the portafilter with filter basket in place, and with the measuring spoon (supplied) make one or two doses of ground coffee. By the same measuring spoon, level the ground coffee and clean the edge of the filter basket.

Enter and lock the portafilter, place the cups, lift the handle completely, leave it on top for 3 or 4 seconds (not more), then lower it by exerting pressure smoothly and consistently Raise and lower the handle to obtain the amount of cream-cafe desired.

To dry the exhausted ground coffee raise the handle half way and lower it quickly, repeating the operation until you get out bubbles from the hole cup.

Disassembly of the Caravel for cleaning

Remove the lid (A) put pressure on the Lever Unlock (F) as indicated by the arrow, remove the half (B) and raise the tub (G). You can wash and rinse to your liking (fig4). Place the pan in the seat and with your thumbs exert some pressure on the rear edges up to get the shot blocking (important for the operation). Complete the re-release the half (B). We stress that the CARAVEL may be completely disassembled, in its entirety, for easy cleaning and quick maintenance (Figures demonstration).

Adjusting the thermostat

The lamp should turns off when the water boils, and is the exact reference of the right adjustment for the thermostat. If the lamp turns off before the water boils, unscrew the adjustment screw a little (T) and repeat until you get the right relationship between the lamp and water. If the lamp remains turned on and the water continues to boil, screw (T) in.

Recommendations: To get the first hot coffee, raise and lower the handle without the ground coffee in the filter. The water flowing will preheat the internal group, the portafilter, and the cup.

Vinegar, if left in the tank for a few hours, will melt scale limestone.

The right grinding of the coffee is important to get a thick cream coffee effortlessly. Milling too big: do not get cream, coffee has not been fully exploited. Milling too fine: the effort required to lower the handle is too high, it is useless to insist press.

Technical data.

12-14 capacity for coffee. Power 500W. Voltage 220V. Average hourly 110Wh = 2-3 lire (circa 5 US cents) per hour. 19x29x32 cm footprint. Other voltage 110/125/160/270 to be specified. (The house reserves the right to make changes that it deems necessary).
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