Vintage Brass Sleeve Machine Parts

The brass sleeve machines all share a common design feature…the thread in brass group sleeve as shown above.   The shower screen is fixed and the sleeve must be removed to service the piston and rod seals.   These machines include the Olympia Chiaso, the Cof-er, the earliest La Pavoni models, the La Graziella, some La Cara model, the Shirley, and many others….but the defining feature is the brass sleeve and if you look in the group and see this sleeve, this is the machine type you have.   We are offering only the group kit as the other parts of the machine show a wide variation of seals and gaskets  for the sight glass tube (if present) and the group to boiler connection (if present), the steam wand (either a La Pavoni steam valve stem seal or an o ring, if present), and the boiler cap gasket (different o rings or a flat gasket to source or cut yourself).   The Spanish manufacture was from the 1970's and the La Pavoni  Italian made machines are some of the oldest of the home lever espresso machines.   Tech Tip:  attempting to remove the screen only by forcing the piston downward will destroy this machine.  Use of the proper flange socket tool is an absolute must if you want the machine to survive the rebuild operation.
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Brass Sleeve Machine Portafilter Gasket
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Steel Flange Socket Wrench for Brass Sleeve
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Group Rebuild Kit for Brass Sleeve Machines
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