Olympia Cremina Model 67 Full Rebuild Gasket & Seal Set

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This is a UNIVERSAL Rebuild seal set for Olympia Cremina Model 67 Lever Espresso machines.  The Model 67 runs from the oldest Cremina up to the Model 96 (very rare, seldom seen mid 1990's machine)  The year of your machine is designated by the first 2 numbers of the serial number badge.  There are 2 main types of machines - approximately 1982 & earlier, and approximately 1983 and newer.  Around 1983 Olympia changed the method of installing the steam valve.   We offer ONLY the UNIVERSAL kit for full rebuilds which covers all machines.   Many parts of this kit can be used to rebuild or repair the newest model of Olympia Cremina machines.   

The set Includes:
  • 2 FDA Silicone piston u cups
  • 1 EPDM rod cup seal
  • 1 silicone group to boiler o ring seal
  • 1 silicone boiler cap flat gasket
  • 1 hard FDA Silicone portafilter group gasket
  • 1 EPDM boiler to heating element gasket
  • 4 silicone water level sight glass seals
  • 2 teflon seals, 1 o-ring, 2 copper crush washer for the early style steam faucet and pressure safety valve
  • 1 Viton steam valve o-ring
  • 1 Viton steam valve bibb washer
  • 1 piston rod protective insertion cap tool
This gasket & seal rebuild set consists of parts sourced & manufactured by Orphan Espresso, and has been used to successfully rebuild hundreds, if not thousands of Olympia Cremina Model 67 machines.  

Note about copper crush washers & teflon washer:  
Depends on exactly which conformation you have, but generally, there are 2 types of Cremina - one has a square bar across the top of the frame where one side goes to the pressure safety valve and sightglass, and the other side goes to the steam faucet.  This type uses the copper crush washer beneath the nut which acts as a cap on the steam faucet (which protrudes through the bar).  The Pressure safety valve can use either the copper crush washer or the teflon washer  (we find the teflon easier to use).  
The other type of Cremina has the square bar only to the pressure safety valve and sight glass.  Steam faucet attaches to the frame of the machine, and uses a tube.  This doesn't require a copper crush washer on the steam to hold the valve in place.