Olympia Cremina 110v Replacement Heating Element

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Back by popular demand!  1000 watt, 110v heating element, with silicone o-ring seals, can be used to replace the burnt out element in PRE Model 2002 Olympia Cremina (basically, all Model 67 machines).   

This element is sourced for proper wattage, and center to center measurements of the terminals.   It is a drill-out, bolt-in part (instructions below). 

It is slightly TALLER than the original.  If your original element is burned out and you replace it with this element you MUST keep the water level higher than before.  

This element is about 1 1/2" taller, so you MUST watch the water level or it will burn out.  This is a PRACTICAL, economical, solution, for a machine killing problem, it is NOT an OEM part.  

This electrical part is NOT returnable, it is NOT guaranteed, and if you burn it out we will NOT replace it.   Use it responsibly at your own risk.

Instructions for installation:  

To use this element in your Model 67 Cremina:

1.  Remove old heating element plate, place in vise to hold.  MEASURE the distance from the plate, to the top of the old element - write this number down.
2.  Use hacksaw to cut off old heating element from the underside as close to the plate as possible.
3.  Using a punch, bolt, or large nail, knock out the remainder of the old element stubs.
4.  Use 1/2" drill bit in electric drill to drill through the 2 heating element installation, using the knocked out stub holes as pilot holes for drilling.
5.  Dress the holes with a round file until the new heating element threaded fittings enter the holes smoothly.
6.  Place the silicone o-rings on the WATER side of the assembly when installing the new element.
7.  Tighten the nuts on the dry side of the plate - pay attention to the orientation of the terminal spades so your wires will attach properly (there is a right way, and a wrong way).
8.  Reinstall the heating element plate to the boiler, attach wires, and you're done.  No other modifications are needed to the machine to use this element.
9.  MEASURE the distance from the plate to the top of the NEW element - compare this number to the number you wrote down in #1.   
10.  We recommend you make a permanent paint mark on the water level sight glass that reflects the difference in height - so you are reminded that the water level MUST be kept higher than before.

Please note - your original heating element was a better part than this replacement - it was original.  Please do not assume that your element is burned out.  USE a meter, check the element, check the system, check the switch, the thermal switch - Do NOT assume your element is bad!    Many times a truly burned heating element will have visible splits, exploded areas, burst coils, in other words, it's visibly ugly & broken.  Do the tests, don't assume!   You can find how to test the electricals on your machine here:  Olympia Cremina Electrical Troubleshooting Guide