OE Lower Bearing UPGRADE KIT for Hario Skerton / Kyocera CM50 Hand Grinders

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If you own an OLDER MODEL Hario Skerton The newest model has been changed, and this kit may not fit it - you can tell by looking at the bottom of the burr - if the bolts are 180 degrees opposite each other, as in a Plus Sign, and not in an X pattern, it may not fit.  If it is an X pattern, then likely it will fit.  Another good clue is that the burr is not white - if the burr is white - Hario only - it may not fit.   For these grinders, Hario & Kyocera, you likely find you're satisfied with the fine grinding capabilities, but observe that the coarse grind performance falls short, particularly if you are trying to grind very coarse for French Press Brewing.  Through experimentation we have found that the stabilization of the burr by the addition of a lower bearing greatly adds to the stability of the burr mechanism, and improves the performance for coarse coffee grinding.

We are now offering the stainless steel lower bearing, as a DIY (Do It Yourself) kit for use in the Hario Skerton or the Kyocera CM-50CF (They are the same grinder design!), and there are others which are quite similar in design - look at the burr & carrier...   The stainless steel bearing is manufactured to very close tolerance for the burr axle.  Installation is simple, though requires patience, and a couple of basic tools.  This kit includes the Lower Bearing, as well as a  stainless steel washer for the inner burr to axle stabilization.  We include this washer as a replacement for the flakey nylon washer supplied as original equipment on these grinders…many times the nylon washer is crooked or uneven and we find that a planar metal washer is a better solution than the original plastic issue.  You may prefer to use the original plastic washer….your call.  The stainless washer is supplied as of July 2014.    Any mention of brass washers or filed brass washers or any other comments in videos or in text have been superseded by this stainless steel washer so please ignore  references to brass as old information….ok?  Instructions by video on Youtube.  Grinder not included. 

August 2014 Note:  We have discussed manufacturing a bearing upgrade for the "new" Skerton - we have purchased numerous Skertons, from various sources, including directly from Japan, and we have been unable to acquire a 'new' Skerton that uses either the different screw pattern, or white burr.  We are beginning to suspect that this 'new' Hario, may not exist, and it may have been a Skerton Knockoff...or it MAY exist, and we haven't gotten one yet.  So, please look at your burr, if it has a dark color burr, and the screws are in the X pattern, it's a Skerton, and the bearing will fit.   Worst case usually requires only a bit of filing to get the bearing to fit between the screws...  Sorry for any confusion, but our search for the elusive 'new' Skerton may be a snipe hunt!

PLEASE NOTE:  Out of the box, both the Skerton & CM-50 are good for fine grinding, BUT IF YOU upgrade for good coarse performance you will SEVERELY affect the capability for fine - it is a trade off - once upgraded for coarse, fine is not so good!  One or the other, you can't have both with these grinders!  This bearing mod is reversible so you can restore both the burr wobble and the fine grinding capability by simply removing the bearing.

If your goal is to modify your Skerton or CM50 for coarse grinding you will find the addition of the lower bearing does allow these grinders to Perform For Press!

Click here to see the Lower Bearing Installation video:

Hario Skerton - Kyocera CM-50 Lower Bearing Installation