OE Lido Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual

Your Lido Hand Coffee Grinder arrives with the handle, a natural bristle cleaning brush and rubber axle grab pad.

Remove the catch jar and note the adjustment mechanism below the grinding burr.
There is a brass washer visible that denotes the zero point of your grinder.
The threaded adjusting bolt has a plastic pointer cap, and a wing nut tightened against the support bar.
The grinder arrives with the adjustment set at zero.

To change the adjustment setting:
Loosen the wing nut, and turn the bolt counter-clockwise (CCW) to coarsen the grind setting. 
Clockwise (CW) will tighten the grind setting.
Use the 4 assembly bolts under the cap as a visual guide - each one is considered a 1/4 position.
So, from zero, the first bolt CCW  from the zero point (brass washer) is 1/4 turn, the second is 1/2, etc.
When you have changed the grind setting to your desired point hold the pointer stationary, tighten the wing nut against the bar.
Do not overtighten the wing nut.

The handle has 2 threaded holes to accommodate the grinding style of your choice.
We recommend experimenting with test beans to find your preference, with the burr set about 2 full turns -This makes removing the handle for repositioning much easier.
The handle is most directly removed by the use of any gripping tool (pliers)  - cushion the pliers' jaws on the axle below the handle, then turn the handle off & reposition.

Approximate Grind Settings:
Turkish - Zero - 1/4 Turn
Espresso Range:  1/4 - 3/4 turn
Drip Range:  3/4 - 1 1/2 turns
Press Range:  1 1/2 - 3 turns

The Zero mark on your grinder was established during the assembly  and alignment process to correspond to our established grind calibration settings.  You may be able to tighten the
adjustment “below” zero - we do not recommend this, as it may allow the burrs to gnash.

Your Lido is essentially maintenance free.   ONLY the glass jar is dishwasher safe.   Like any classic hand grinder, invasive burr cleaning will require a certain amount of disassembly of the mechanism.

Disassembly for cleaning:
NOTE the orientation of the bar (mark if necessary - it must be reinstalled in the SAME orientation to maintain the original zero setting)
Remove the handle and the adjustment bar. 
The axle/inner burr assembly will slide out through the bottom. 
DO NOT remove the jar cap - removal will negatively affect burr alignment!
The burrs are most readily cleaned with a brush.
A soft bristle type cleaning brush may be inserted through the inner burr up into the bean chamber for brushing.
Compressed air is handy to use as well. 

Insert the axle/inner burr assembly.
Loosen the burr adjustment bolt/wing nut.
Install the bar as before in the original orientation. 
Tighten the nuts securely on the adjustment bar, and replace the handle.  Check all 4 nuts for tightness.

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