OE Lido Design Study

The Orphan Espresso LIDO Hand Coffee Grinder

In many ways we have designed the LIDO hand coffee grinder to address or correct many of the shortfalls of current mass produced coffee grinders but rather than compare the LIDO to existing hand mills we would like to examine the LIDO for what it IS rather than what it is NOT.   To begin, as with any grinder, one considers the grinding burr. 

We use a fairly standard 38mm conical steel burr set in the LIDO.  The type of burr used in any grinder determines the characteristics of both the grind and the grinder.   

The inner burr is mounted on the end of a stainless steel axle using  a bolt that threads into the axle through the burr.

The outer burr is mounted in a solid aluminum carrier by use of high strength threadloc compound.

For proper alignment and consistent grinding we add a system of two oil less bronze bearings fit to high tolerance to the axle....one at the top and another right above the burr fit in laser cut aluminum plates.  These two bearings form the central alignment system of the grinder.   Now you can picture this system like wheels on a car...the axle freely spins in the bearings held at each end in the aluminum plates.

For convenience in adding beans we add a tall rim on the top plate.

The bean hopper is formed by use of a polycarbonate tube  between the top plate and the lower bearing.  This hopper will hold about 10 tablespoons of beans. Due to the length of the polycarbonate hopper there is no need for a cover on top...very few pop outs or beans jumping out.  

The components are all joined using long rods covered with  nylon tubes.

The outer burr carrier is added below the bearing (and one aluminum spacer to allow for top clearance of the inner burr). Slightly enlarged through holes in the carrier enable accurate burr alignment.

Below the burr carrier is added a solid aluminum spacer to hold the burr adjustment mechanism.

The catch jar lid is added along with the burr adjustment mechanism.   Burr  adjustment is  made by using the threaded cap nut and locked in place by the wing nut acting as a jam against the adjuster bar.   This system allows stepless adjustment of the burr.   The pointer (t-cap) on the adjuster bolt head helps the user keep track of the burr setting. 

The assembly bolts are tightened and the outer burr carrier is factory aligned .   The ZERO point of the burr setting is indicated by a brass washer visible under one of the assembly nuts.  

The catch jar is a standard 70-400 continuous thread neck size 8 ounce glass jar.  The glass jar helps reduce static.  

The crank handle is solid aluminum and has two threaded holes allowing use in two different manners.....using the longest handle length one tends to grind in a two handed bicycle motion and when using the shorter handle length the grinding motion is more hold with one hand and turn with the other...you choose! 

Here the LIDO is fully assembled and ready to use....HAPPY GRINDING!!!

Barb and Doug

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