OE IPANEMA Tall Aluminum Portafilter Dosing Cylinder

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This is a tall straight sided portafilter dosing cylinder specifically designed for use with doserless espresso coffee grinders.  The wall thickness is 5mm with a 1mm thick lower collar which fits perfectly into the filter basket.   The cylinder is machine turned aluminum and sits very solidly on the rim of the basket....nice and heavy and feels good in the hand, like a good tamper.   The height of the beefy part of the cylinder is 30mm and the top edges are slightly chamfered as not to scratch or otherwise harm the grinder funnel or surfaces.   It will contain a massive dose for any size basket, even the triples.    Plenty of room for any grounds manipulations you choose such as WDT or thwump settling, as we do with out slap shot technique.   Preliminary testing shows that a slightly smaller tamper such as the cheapie plastic two ended tamps can be used as a preliminary tampdown with the cylinder still in place on the basket before removal of the cylinder for final tamping.

We designed this dosing cylinder on request of numerous customers who tried our short dosing funnels and just felt they needed a bit more height to make the funnel work for them as they wanted it to....although the shorter funnel works great for us, we are, after all not the final authority on all things espresso!      In our beta testing and use of the cylinder we've found that it assists in complete retention of the dose in the basket - particularly nice if you're dosing on the numbers - no flyby or scatter!

Currently available in 4 nominal sizes - choose your size below: 

49mm nominal  (actual OD of 49.5 at the lower fitted rim)

51mm nominal (actual OD of 51.5 at the lower fitted rim)

53mm / 54mm nominal (actual OD of 53.5 at the lower fitted rim)

58mm (actual OD of 58.5 at the lower fitted rim)

And the name.....like the girl from Ipanema....Tall and Tidy.      

Please note, there are 2 products in the photo - both Ipanema, in two sizes.