La Peppina Piston O-Ring Gasket Washer Rebuild Set

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La Peppina Espresso Machine Rebuild Set contains the parts need to restore your vintage FE-AR La Peppina to top performance & great Espresso Production!   

In the La Peppina machine the piston is sealed with a single large o-ring.   Since the group was made to be disassembled for cleaning, and adjustment, the small o-ring seals the group at the point where the bell is removed.  The use of the one-way rubber valve washers is a simple, yet elegant, engineering solution to water flow in the La Peppina Espresso Machine.  Unfortunately, prone to material fatigue and consequently, failure.    The large washer seals the kettle when the piston is up, allows the introduction of water into the cylinder when the handle is pushed down, seals & directs the water through the group when the handle is released.  The small washer seals when you push the handle down, and opens as the piston rises, when you release the handle.  It also enables multiple pulls of the lever without backflow or loss of pressure.    These two washers function in tandem to produce that classic La Peppina Espresso Shot.

In this set, we use High temperature VITON for the Rubber Valve washers .  VITON is heat stable to 400 degrees F, well beyond the heating range of the La Peppina Boiling Kettle.  Because the large washer sits right below the La Peppina Espresso Machine heating element this is a critical aspect for longevity of this valve washer.   These VITON washers have been thoroughly tested by our Research & Development Department, including a FULL 10 minutes of Roiling Kettle Boil. 

This La Peppina Espresso Machine Rebuild Kit includes Metric O-Rings for Piston, Portafilter Seal, and Inner Group Seal, High Temperature VITON Rubber Valve Washers for Cylinder and Group, Kettle O-ring and 3 Stainless Phillips Head Metric Screws to upgrade from the soft, slot head originals.

Be sure to have some Dow 111 Lube to use for assembly!