La Pavoni Europiccola, Pro

The La Pavoni Europiccola (EPC-8, 8 cup), and Professional (EPC-16, 16 cup) home lever espresso machines both use the same rebuild parts.  There are 2 different model builds - designated the Pre-Millenium, and Millenium (click the link below if you aren't sure which you have).   Some of the VERY old Europiccola style machines have a brass sleeve inside the group, and they use different parts (see our Brass Sleeve category for that set) 

To answer the Pre-Millenium OR Millenium Question - click here:  La Pavoni Millenium vs PRE Millenium

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Naked Espresso Gear Pavoni Millenium Portafilter
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La Pavoni Auto Frother / Steam Wand O-rings
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Group Rebuild Kit for Brass Sleeve Machines
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Brass Sleeve Machine Portafilter Gasket
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OE33 Sight Glass Cleaning Brush
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