Faema Faemina Espresso Machines

 There are two basic models of the Faema Faemina espresso machine, with complete functional interchange of parts, but as you can see, the cosmetics are quite different.   The "Anni 50" models, the first series,  has a pleated chrome boiler covering and classic bumpy Faema grips.   Some of the earliest models had toggle switches instead of the white rocker switches.   The "Anni 60" models have a black finished boiler wrap and the more modern Faema grips with white inserts.    Boiler and steam valve knobs are different as well, but again, cosmetics.    We have merged the two styles into one category as we have for over a year sent out a universal gasket and seal set which will fit either machine as there are some gray areas of manufacture when the machine had the old cosmetics but the slightly different piston ring size, or slightly smaller inner cylinder seal, so our complete set will fit them both, with some parts left over.   Portafilter gaskets  are the same as are the baskets, sight glasses, etc.

Both models are great machines with a commercial lever feel and function and truly functional works of art!

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