Faema Faemina Espresso Machine Rebuild Gasket & Seal FULL Kit

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The Faema Faemina may have two different possible piston ring seals, depending on the age of the machine.  The progression of machine age and seal design is sketchy, with various theories centered around Faema badge color (red or blue) and toggle versus rocker switches, and some other small differences.   To alleviate confusion and guarantee that you have the right parts when you undertake your rebuild we are offering this universal rebuild kit which includes both the thick and the thin piston seal profile.   Also, some machines use a loaded u cup rod seal and some do not use the load, just the u cup. Through the years of production of the Faemina, we have observed that the machined tolerances of the parts became more precise.  We are including two sizes of cylinder to body square ring seals,  one slightly thinner than the other.   If your machine is toward the end of this early model production, you may need the thinner ring for this seal.  The earlier models use the thicker seal with no problem.   Also in this set we are including the Portafilter Gasket, which gives a good front-central lock on some machines, and to adjust for machine variances we include a rubber EPDM portafilter gasket shim.   (Tech tip:  the part, which in schematics is referred to as the Gomino we call the Thick Inner Piston seal - on some models it is advisable to chamfer, or taper the outer edge of the seal before installation.  Use a bit of sandpaper to put a tapered edge on it if your machine requires it)

  We recognize that you may prefer to disassemble your machine when you have the parts in hand rather than open up the machine to spec out just which seal set you need.  This set includes all the parts to rebuild your machine, whichever model you have.

In this  Universal rebuild gasket set you will receive the Boiler Lid Seal, Sight Glass Inner Seal, Piston Rod Loaded Cup & Seal (u cup rod seal with o ring to spread cup), two different Cylinder to Body  Square Seals, 2 Piston O-ring Seals (both the thin and the thick), Portafilter Gasket, portafilter gasket shim, small o-rings for steam valve (if present), and the thick Inner Piston Seal.