Conti Comocafe Espresso Machine

The Conti Comocafe is the Le Plus Ultra of Open Boiler Espresso Machines! 

The build quality, and engineered design are absolute perfection!  The glass 'kettle' is a beautiful feature, and somehow, when the water begins to boil the bubbles manage to swirl & gambole provocatively!  

The Comocafe functions basically the same as the La Peppina with a double washer valving system, and O-rings that seal the portafilter internal group bell and piston.  The rebuild of this machine is pretty much identical to that of the La Peppina with the necessity to spread the seam in the back of the base.  The only basic difference is the wiring, housed under the back Comocafe cover.  This machine is a true work art of Italian Industrial Design!

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Conti Comocafe Rebuild Set
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