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VINTAGE Unrestored Hand Grinders

One of our first 'BIG' projects was the restoration of hand grinders of all kinds.  Wall mount grinders, 1800's era lap mills, European box grinders of all kinds.  Each grinder restoration was a very time consuming process, and we find we no longer have the time to devote to them that they deserve.   As our grinder project continued, we focused more & more on specific grinder makes & models, which had the greatest potential to be 'Good' grinders for some aspect of coffee brewing - either press, or espresso, and occasionally one that would do it all.  As a general rule of thumb we found that for espresso capable grinders the best prospects are Kym, Pe De (Dienes), Zassenhaus, and Tre Spade.  For French Press, many Peugeot mills turned out to be Excellent!  The exposed funnel top lap mills are often times very good for drip to Press grinds.   Some of the VERY old Zass & Dienes grinders are exceptional through the whole range of grind capability.  Of course, all of this depends on wear, and usage, but it's a general rule of thumb.

Some of the grinders we sought out because they were unique, or special in some way.   We acquired a large backlog of grinders, which we now are offering unrestored for sale.  These hand grinders are untested for particular grind ability, but are examined for completeness, as well as condition.  There is, unfortunately, no way to predict the grind performance except for some broad generalities that stem from personal experience with so many grinders.   The pricing does not reflect their potential use - we just want to get them out of our storage and into the hands of someone that will use them!   

These grinders are being sold AS IS - NO return, NO exceptions. 

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