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Olympia Pump Machines Large vs Small Group

There are TWO different size Olympia groups used on the older Maximatic, Coffex, Pasquini Livietta espresso machines.   There is no quick reference chart for make/model/year to determine which group you have and THEREFORE which group gasket or portafilter basket or portafilter you need. You must determine this yourself by using a RULER to take a few simple readings before you buy parts.   Please do not assume anything because your group may have been swapped for a different one over time and EVEN THOUGH you personally bought it a Zabar's back in the day this does not mean that Zabars did not swap the group for some reason known only to Zabar's.  If Olympia Express tells you that you have one or the other, just double check with a tape measure before ordering parts....please.





We generally refer to the large as 54mm and the small as 49mm.   All Creminas have the small.    Only the pump machines have the different sizes so just measure and as you can see you do not need a caliper or micrometer, just a tape will do well enough to know.
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