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Inker #591 HIGH SPOT 6.3 oz Cappuccino Cups
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Inker #591 HIGH SPOT 6.3 oz Cappuccino Cups
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Tall slim form with open loop oval handle. Inker #591 style designation HIGH SPOT.

Height 3 3/8 in.
Diameter at Rim 2 3/4 in.
Volume 6 1/3 oz (180ml)
Cup Weight 244 grams

Available in White, Black, Yellow and Classic Brown sold with matching saucer.

Cup Notes:
The Inker HIGH SPOT cappuccino size cup may not be ideal for latte art, or at least it would be a challenge, but this tall design cup is very pleasing for just sipping hot drinks. The small base gives it a refined feel and the tall form is quite different from the usual 6 oz Cap cup. The mechanics of using this cup are also a bit different as it is a "nose in" cup as one tips it quite far back to sip the last parts of the pull, driving the nose completely into the cup. Quite different. The weight of the cup gives it enough heft to not feel slight or tippy. The HIGH SPOT line seems to lead one to a sort of contemplative sipping experience. This is one of the Inker cups that we are offering as a change from the same heavy bowl or dainty tulip choices so familiar with espresso enthusiasts.

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