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CM-50 Skerton Bearing Upgrade

Just a note about the OE-PFP grinder......through our 500 (and counting) vintage hand grinder restorations we observed a kind of clustering of performance of different hand grinders.......this clustering seems to be based on the intent of the grinder....turkish, or mocca fine grinding through the more standard drip to the VERY challenging coarse grinds for press or even basic boiled coffee.  
The challenge for fine grinding is fairly easily met as the inner and outer burrs are forced to mesh on a tight burr adjustment but there must be some method to insure burr alignment on the looser adjustments for an even, coarse grind.    The solution used on the Peugeot metal bodied grinders of the 1930's  is a bearing above the burr to keep the inner burr centered at all times.   This mill uses an adjustment nut on the top of the burr axle, below the handle and has a fixed metal funnel and outer burr.   From observation, these particular hand grinders produce a very consistent, coarse grind, which makes sense when you consider the target brewing method.   The Peugeot burr axle is quite long, and the burr is nothing spectacular when compared to the machined German burrs, but it is the grinders overall design principal that seems to succeed in an even coarse grind.  We have adapted this Peugeot style lower bearing (direct above the burr, rather than a clunky mechanism below it) for our re-manufactured CM-50 with very good results.
The OE-PFP grinds a very even coarse grind but, of course, with some inevitable fines.     We have used the grinder daily for 2 months or so (1/03/11) and find that the press plunges smoothly, indicating a low amount of fines.   There is a little bit of mud in the very bottom of the cup, but not bad.  
The nice thing about a hand grinder with press is that the water goes to boil,  and about at about the time you have ground your beans the water is about right for french press extraction.     The first fill forms a nice cake and the crema at the top after a mid extraction stir is very nice.
All in all we are very pleased with the performance of the "Orphan Espresso - Performs for Press" grinder.
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